• Tina Newman Sociology Student

    "This tour is specially designed for those who want to know more about the father of Indian independence movement- Mohandas karamchand GANDHI. In this tour we will take you to various places which are associated with the rise of Mahatma Gandhi.
    Our professors will also take classroom lectures on his teachings and how he shaped up the independence movements, we will take you to places where he was born and brought up, where he ran an Ashram to spread his word, the place where he organized movements and finally the place where he was assassinated, this place is now called the Gandhi Museum."

  • Josh Chesson, Medical Student

    "These courses will bring you the realities of the world which is not developed and where life is a struggle every day. I am truly thankful to this program; it has helped me personally and professionally."

  • Tracey Bradley – Sociology Professor at PSCC College Knoxville, USA

    "Our time in India was remarkable. I think the students enjoyed themselves. The program schedule was exactly what I had asked for and I personally enjoyed the village visit, charitable organizations and hospitals. I know my intent was to give in a small way but what I got out of it was so much more. Thanks for everything JD and Pilgrimsbay staff."

  • Steve Haley- History Professor at Memphis College, Memphis, USA

    "I think conducting a history course in India was very fruitful for my class, the learning is immense as there are certain aspects in the course that couldn’t have been covered so deeply if we had not visited India. I am truly thankful to Pilgrimsbay for arranging such informative and fun tours to India. I am also sure you are aware how much we all appreciate you JD plus what you have done for us in this trip. Without you the experience would not have been nearly as good. We have learned much more because of you. Having patience with us was much appreciated. I could not have imagined a trip nearly as exciting without you. You are also a very nice person. I am sure you will come to America and whenever you do please let me know, Memphis will be yours."

  • Prof. Mary Ann Sellars- Philosophy professor at DSCC College, Nashville, USA

    "India is a warm and wonderful country the experience and knowledge I gained on this trip are greater than I could have imagined. JD you and your company Pilgrimsbay did a terrific job. Thank you."

  • Natalie Augilara

    "Had an amazing time at the club. Good music and great ambience."

  • Robert Francis

    "I took trekking in Himalayas after the study program, it was picturesque and I learnt about renouncing as the source of ultimate happiness. "