• gandhi program
    Gandhi Program

    This tour is specially planned for those who want to know more about Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi – the apostle of peace and non violence and pioneer of non cooperative independence movement in India. This is a sole program to learn about Gandhi, his life, work & philosophy. In this tour, you will be taken to various places which are associated with the rise of the Mahatma. You get to see the  places where he was born and brought up, ran an Ashram to spread his word, organized movements and finally the place where he was assassinated, which is now the Gandhi Museum.

  • Business Management Program
    Business Managements

    If you’re an MBA student, there’s no better way to broaden your horizons as you immerse yourself in the fast-paced business culture of this developing country INDIA. The tour is planned for students who are pursuing MBA or masters in Business or for those who want to get into Indian markets for developing a business or trade relation. India is one of the leading upcoming world economies. Companies across the globe are lining up to grow their businesses in India to leverage this high growth region.

  • Dance Art Craft
    Dance Art & Craft

    This tour is for those who have interest in Art and crafts and what better place in the world other than India. During this tour you will learn more about the traditional ways of waeving cloth, coloring the cloth by using block printing technique.
    It will also show you different arts like blue pottery manufacturing or carving on wood to make handicrafts big/small in size. As an add on we also organize a learning indian dance component in the tour

  • Farming And Ecological
    Farming and Ecological

    Explore the delicate balance between farming and ecological concerns in the vast agricultural expanses of northern India.

    From the program base in the west and central India, students explore the region’s diverse human and agricultural environments through seminars and field visits to farms and related units. Basic Hindi language study and a rural stay with a Tribal community complement classroom work and field research.

  • Hindi Language program
    Hindi Language Program

    No matter how much or how little you know, go for this HINDI program, if you wish to learnit and India, the world's largest democracy, home to many languages, with Hindi as a national language, is the best place to do so.

  • Yoga And Ayurveda
    Yoga and Ayurveda

    This program is very beneficial for today’s time. The purpose of the course is to give a beginners understanding of the principles of Yoga and Ayurveda such that one can adjust one's own lifestyle, and share beneficial information with family, friends, colleagues, for improved health. As we are aware that India is the birth place of Yoga, hence there can be no better place in the world, to learn Yoga and ancient Indian medicine science of Ayurveda, which literally means life sciences.

  • History and Culture
    History and Culture

    Indian civilization has its roots in Indus Valley civilization which is considered to be one of the oldest civilizations on this earth. Our tour will take you through many ancient preserved sites where you can view the colonies and social structure of ancient civilization.

    We also introduce you to various cultures and tribes along with details on their living and peculiar lifestyle. Through the program you can interact and indulge in meeting the tribes, understanding their culture. 

    This tour is beneficial for business students also as by knowing the history and culture of any society; one can ascertain how to devise the marketing and sales plan.

  • Philosophy

    India is recognized world over to be the birth place of many religions. It is well-known that “Vedas and Upanishads” – sacred and ancient text of the Hindus, has answers to all world’s problems.
    Indian philosophies including both orthodox and unorthodox system, is the systems of thought and reflection that were developed by the civilizations of the Indian subcontinent. Indian thought has been concerned with various philosophical problems, significant among which are the nature of the world (cosmology), the nature of reality (metaphysics), logic, the nature of knowledge (epistemology), ethics, and the philosophy of religion.

  • Folk Arts
    Folk Arts

    Folk art is an integral part of everyone's life in India. This tour is for those who have interest in Art and crafts and what better place in the world to learn them, other than India. During this trip you will learn more about the traditional ways of weaving cloth, colouring the cloth by using block printing, Tie and Dye and Batik techniques.

  • Health and Human Rights Program
    Health and Human Rights Program

    These programs make the students aware of social problems faced by developing countries and involve them in a more meaningful way. The idea is to pull people out of their comfort zone and push them to think more critically about the world and themselves, and become engaged and responsible global citizens. Through this program students can work with government and agencies which are working in the specific fields

  • Women Empowerment Programs
    Women Empowerment Programs

    People interested in the cause of upliftment of the women and making a difference in their lives would find this project fulfilling and rewarding. Volunteers must be 17 years or older at the beginning of the program. They need to have an open mind and flexible attitude for working in a new and different environment. The person should bring energy and enthusiasm to make a difference.

  • Buddhist Monastery Tour
    Buddhist Monastery

    For two and a half millennia, India has been a magnet for pilgrims from all Buddhist cultures. It was here under the Bodhi tree that the prince-ascetic Gautam became the fully enlightened Buddha. Red robed lamas enchanting sacred mantras, drums and trumpets blowing wildly in the background, prayer wheels whirring vibrantly and white lights flickering from decorative lamps is a not only a ritualistic presentation but is also a true picture of a rich cultural heritage and religious lifestyle of the people of Sikkim and North of West Bengal,

  • Cultural Tour
    Architectural Marvel

    Witness the amazing workmanship of the grand monuments of North and South India on Architectural Tours with us. The architectural record on the Indian subcontinent is astonishing. The religious structures alone include ancient Buddhist stupas and cave monasteries, Hindu temples in a myriad of regional styles, highly ornamented mosques and Islamic tombs, gilded Sikh prayer halls, marble Jain temples, European-style churches and jewel-box synagogues. Added into the mix are, imposing royal forts and palaces, merchant-class mansions carved from stone, rambling urban bazaars, and brightly painted tribal homes.

  • Archaeological Programs
    Archaeological Programs

    Excavations takes place to know about what happened in the unknown past of a place!
    What was the reason behind the burning of the Nalanda University? Were there any Dinosaurs present in India? Was the Harappan and Mohanjodaro civilization as forward and sophisticated in their lifestyles as people of today are? If these are the questions that pop up in your mind, then visiting these excavated and archaeological place in India are surely going to cure some curiosity of yours.

  • Culinary Art
    Culinary Art

    These Cuisine learning experiences are special educational programs, designed specifically for the savvy travellers who want to fully immerse themselves into the culinary history of exotic India. These unique culinary tours are led by expert chefs who guide through private kitchens, local bazaars and markets exposing guests to tantalizing smells and sights. As you sample the local cuisine and interact with your hosts, you gain insight into how history has influenced their daily diet, how certain spices, fruits and nuts were introduced,

  • Alternative Therapies and Medicines
    Alternative Therapies and Medicines

    Being one of the oldest civilizations of the world, today India is definitely the most varied country and a global destination for medical tourism and patients from all over the world. As it is land of varied magnificent aspect, tourists will find in various parts of the country, the influence of Alternative Therapies of Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Yoga, Meditation, etc. Our tour will give you a revitalizing experience, if you are visiting India for medical purpose.

  • Religion And Theology Tour
    Religion And Theology Tour

    India, the holy land of spirituality & philosophy is the origin of various religions that symbolize it as a spiritually diverse country. These religions exist in Indian subcontinent to present day even. Religion, Spirituality and Theology are synonymous with India. The soul of country reverberates with the passion of the holy congregation of diverse religions. The effervescence of this land vibrates with mystical charm and intense wisdom. And there is no better way to appreciate the soulful devoutness of this exotic land than undertaking an extensive Pilgrimage tour.

  • Nursing Services And Hospital
    Nursing Services And Hospital

    Gain unique insight and exposure to health care policies, politics, and delivery methods in a multicultural and rapidly changing region of India. Central to the program is an analysis of health reform intended primarily to improve health conditions of disadvantaged groups, particularly those in rural India, while also improving health care access for the population at large. Students carefully examine intercultural health and alternative healthcare practices in context of this country. The program gives students the opportunity to experience India's health system firsthand with guided, insightful visits to public and private health centres and hospitals.

  • volunteer program
    Service Learning
    Volunteer programs

    These programs make the students aware of social problems faced by developing countries and involve them in a more meaningful way. The idea is to pull people out of their comfort zone and push them to think more critically about the world and themselves, and become engaged and responsible global citizens. Through this program students can work with government and agencies which are working in the specific fields

    volunteer program

    • Rehabilitating street children and educating them.
    • Work for a hospital in a village and help villagers learn basic hygiene and medication.
    • Training widows on a vocation or skill to make them financially independent
    • A theatre group and do road shows in rural areas and make people aware about AIDS and other fatal diseases.
    • Work for an animal shelter where ill animals are brought and then they are operated and taken care of.
    • Sports academy which works for promoting games in village children.
    • An organization that works for preparing mid day meals for the school so that poor kids get motivated to come to school.
    • A school for special kids who cannot hear, see or speak or kids whose mental growth is slow

  • Jeep Safari

    This tour takes you to interiors of India in a open 4 by 4 jeep, you will travel through villages and countryside and at most places there will be no roads, camping and staying at royal palaces where erstwhile kings and queens live is part of the program. This tour is a perfect blend of adventure, royalty and fun.

  • Hourse Safari

    This tour program is similar to the jeep safari program in nature, however, the basic difference here is that the jeep is replaced by an Indian horse, every day you will ride the horse for about 20 miles and then stay at forts and palaces of erstwhile kings. In this basic knowledge of horse riding is must for this adventure activity.

  • Dune Bashing

    This is a small duration activity where we take you to deserts and put you on powerful jeeps ,SUV’s and dirt bikes. which you drive on heaps of sand in deep desert and get adrenalin rush.

  • Water Rafting
    White water

    It’s the ultimate adventure activity where you sit on air boats (rafts) and hit the water rapids in a fast moving water stream of a river. Our location for this activity is Rishikesh which is a small religious town on the footsteps of Himalayas, this place is also very popular for religious ashrams for yoga and meditation. Knowledge of swimming is not mandatory for this activity.

  • Trekking

    Our trekking expeditions are set in Himalayan mountain range, which is the world’s biggest and highest mountain range. Camping and living in jungles and eating mountain cuisine is part of this program.

  • Cycling And Biking
    and biking

    The big green snow clad mountains of Himalayas offer perfect roads for cycle or bike trips. This tour offers most picturesque locations and chances to watch and live with people from countryside. You can even ride to the highest motor able road in the world.

  • Wild life safaris
    Wild life

    India is the best place for watching the wild life, SAPI organizes special safaris to take you to jungles with naturalist. These jungles are full of animals like royal Bengal tigers, monkeys, deer’s, birds from different continents and many more wild species, you can see them play eat and hunt in their natural habitat. In fact most of the movies that you see on Discovery and National Geographic tv channels on tigers are shot in India. All safaris are organized on government approved vehicles and with jungle guides.

  • Hot air ballooning
    Hot air

    Imagine the thrill to be in air in all open and watching the terrain from five thousand feet above the ground. Hot air balloon activity can be arranged at Jaipur. Safety and security measures are diligently followed to ensure safe adventure experience.

  • Water sports

    South India offers many water bodies and exotic beach areas where water sports can be enjoyed. Scuba diving, banana rides, water skiing , para ceiling, water glides etc

  • Golden Triangle Tour
    Golden Triangle Tour

    Delhi, Agra and Jaipur form the most popular Golden Triangle tour in India. Delhi, the capital city of India is famous for its monuments, forts and pilgrimage places. The city is a starting point for all the golden triangle tours. Jaipur is another famous destination in North India. Known by the name of Pink city, it has forts and palaces, heritage hotels and shopping markets. The forts and places were built by the erstwhile rulers of this region. Home to Taj Mahal (the monument of love), Agra is the third destination in golden triangle packages.

  • Cultural Tour
    Cultural Tour

    Since ancient times, India has been mentioned in glowing terms as the epitome of culture, heritage, and tradition. Multifaceted culture and heritage of India, in true way, is the biggest asset of the country all prevailing since earliest civilization and continuous since the period of rulers such as, Rajputs, Mughals, English, and Portuguese. Besides this, the country also is potent cauldron of different religions and heritage prevalent since the time of these rulers. Blissfully, India still preserves its rich culture and heritage in several of its forms like arts, crafts, religion, philosophy and tradition.

  • Jeep Safari

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